Paid Search and Shopping Planning – Black Friday Edition


Black Week is one of the most eagerly anticipated shopping events of the year, offering businesses a unique opportunity to boost sales and revenue. To make the most of this event, it is crucial to have a well-planned strategy in place. In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into the essential strategies and planning tips […]

Google Grants for UK Charities. Find out how to apply, set up and optimise


There are five steps you can follow to get the Free Google ads Grant The Google Ad Grants Program gives charities & non-profits the chance to advertise on Google Ads for free. The program gives qualified organisations up to $10,000 (around £8000) free advertising spend per month. With successful management, your charity and its causes can […]

20 Ways to Effectively Increase Your Conversion Rate

Digital Product, Paid Search, Sales

Paid search campaigns can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to drive traffic and increase conversions. However, simply running ads is not enough to guarantee success. To maximize the effectiveness of your paid search efforts, it’s essential to implement strategies that optimize your conversion rate. In this article, we will explore 20 proven tactics […]

Marketing Automation for Lead Generation: Streamlining Your Growth Strategy


In today’s highly competitive digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking ways to generate and nurture leads efficiently. Marketing automation has emerged as a powerful tool to streamline the lead generation process, enabling businesses to deliver a better customer experience, increase productivity, and achieve sustainable growth. By automating marketing, sales, and service efforts, businesses can generate […]

How to Generate the Best Conversion Rates from Google Shopping

Digital Product, Paid Search, Sales, Tips

Paid Search has become a vital component of any successful online marketing strategy. With the rise in popularity of Google Shopping, optimizing your product landing pages is essential to drive conversions. In this article, we will explore the challenges of optimizing product landing pages and why it matters. We will also introduce a solution called […]

Unlocking the Potential of Your Google Merchant Center

Paid Search

Introduction When it comes to maximizing the performance of your Google Shopping campaigns, working with Tedqiq can make all the difference. Our expertise goes beyond providing you with standard performance reports. We leverage cutting-edge technology, combined with the insights of our Google Shopping experts and data analysts, to unlock the full potential of your Merchant […]